Medicare DME Enrollment

Become a Medicare DME Supplier for Oral Appliance Therapy

$1,250.00 Medicare Application Fee (20% discount for OSAU Members)



In order to file claims with Medicare for E0486 Oral Appliances for Obstructive Apnea, you must enroll with Medicare as a Durable Medical Equipment Supplier.

Creating your Initial Application to become a Medicare Durable Medical Equipment Supplier.

Answers to all your questions about claims and Medicare Policies.



Medicare DME Supplier Application Process:

  • We will email a PDF Form for you to compete that has all the basic information for the application.
  • We will guide you through preparing all mandatory documents that must be sent to Medicare with the application.  This includes the new Surety Bond requirement.  We will review these to make sure that they meet Medicare’s requirements.
  • We will prepare the CMS 855S Application and the CMS 588 Electronic Funds Transfer Form, and send them to you, along with a cover letter addressed to Medicare listing the application and all attachments.  The application will be complete including the attachments.
  • You will be responsible for paying an application fee to Medicare and attaching the receipt to the application. Instructions for paying the fee online will be emailed to you.
  • There will be instructions regarding how to send the application to Medicare.  Only your review and signature will be required.  There will be copies for your file.
  • We will follow up with Medicare on the status of your application and help prepare and expedite any additional information that is requested.
  • Medicare conducts a site visit for all new DME suppliers.  We supply all the information you need to meet the requirements of the site visit and DME standards.
  • Once you receive your DME approval, we supply Medicare’s current policy documents and arrange a one hour training.
  • You and your staff will have access to our Medicare DME information, providing up to date information on Medicare policies and procedures for supplying Oral Appliances to Medicare beneficiaries.

If you need to Reactivate or Re-validate your Medicare DME status, please contact us as we offer services to assist in the process.

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