Dr. Amy Hartsfield

OSA University goes above and beyond their calling of training dentists and their teams about how to implement dental sleep medicine in your practice. I signed up with OSA University about nine months ago and it has really changed and greatly improved my overall sleep practice.  Not only that, the camaraderie and the friendships that you make while working with OSA University is phenomenal, and the contacts that you make in the sleep world and the amount you learn from them about dental sleep medicine them is wonderful. 

Dr. Christian Brandyberry

The training through OSA University is awesome!  We decided to get into sleep medicine because we started seeing patients who would ask about oral appliances. They were diagnosed with sleep apnea but couldn’t wear their CPAP. The training through OSA University is complete. We did the online curriculum which is made up now of over 60 courses with CE credit. Going through the OSA University courses online and then having an in-office training was awesome and helped us learn everything we didn’t know to start treating patients on Monday morning. OSA University is awesome and we recommend it to anybody.

Dr. Stephen Ura

OSA University has been a fabulous way to introduce my staff to sleep medicine! We’ve been doing the OSA University program now for over six months. I was fortunate enough to take sleep medicine courses and I thought this was a fabulous way to bring this information to my staff. And it was. We did eight individual courses for an hour each and my team did some self-study. We reviewed it in the office, and went through the entire aspect of the sleep curriculum.  So we have become really great at helping our patients to overall health, including a healthy airway.

Dr. Deborah Romack

My name is Debbie Romack and I am a dentist in Weatherford, TX. I first started doing sleep dentistry 8 to 10 years ago but could never get the ball rolling. In the last year two years, I have gotten together with OSA University and we have really gotten things together now. We have had some wonderful success stories of patients that we’ve treated for airway issues. They have been treated with CPAP and its a wonderful and awesome treatment. We’ve treated patients with oral appliances and the stories that we’ve had have been absolutely wonderful.  OSA University has been important to our continued success.  

Dr. Mark Hildahl

I’m Mark Hildahl from Minot, ND and I have had a great experience with OSA University.  Their courses and overall effort helped our office get educated to help us inform our patients better and to really get our whole systems organized for providing obstructive sleep apnea treatment with oral appliances. In addition, they were unbelievably helpful in wading through the Medicare DME application process, and all those questions we can’t seem to find answers to. They have really well-informed people involved in their group. And they know their stuff and they are happy to share it with us. 

Dr. Damian Blum

Hi, I’m Dr. Damian Blum. I have my practice Ellicott City, MD. My entire team just went through the dental sleep medicine training with OSA University. What I found amazing was the transformation of my team from earlier this morning to when they left this evening. They had a sense of purpose, a sense of team. They understood what we need to do. From what I have talked to them about, each one is going to hold the other accountable for making sure that the whole team works together. Truthfully, it was invaluable. If you have a chance to do it, you need look at OSA University.

Dr. Gilbert LaFemina

I’m here to tell you about OSA University and how it has helped my dental sleep practice. OSA University provided a detailed roadmap to quickly integrate this into my practice. I am a sleep patient. I understand the devastation that this disease can have on ones overall health. Being treated has fueled my passion to help other patients. I learned from OSA University how to help the patients to take control of and own their disease process. Treating the patient is a lot easier because they are more receptive to treatment once they understand their problem and the solutions we can provide.

Dr. Robbi Wilson

Hi I’m Dr. Wilson. I practice in San Diego, CA. We had a very good experience with OSA University and we really appreciate it. We wanted to get started to help our patients with sleep disorders and get into the whole sleep dentistry business. We were able to access the OSA University website which provided an infinite amount of knowledge about Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and the whole process of how to educate our staff, how to educate our patients, whats involved with billing and financing and all kinds of details that otherwise would be a mountainous project for us.

Dr. Durwin Libby

I have practiced for the past 26 years in rural Lincoln, ME. I first got involved with sleep therapy due to my young daughter having some sleep troubles. I want to recommend OSA University very highly due to two reasons. One, if you are just getting started in oral appliance therapy it’s a great opportunity to learn some the basics and to progress to learn more much needed areas to get an introduction to dental sleep medicine. Two, if you have been working with oral appliance therapy, its a great opportunity to refine things and understand things in a much better way to help you increase patient care. 

Emily Adams

Hi I’m Emily Adams, office manger with The Dental Center of North Iowa. We were beyond excited to implement OSA University into our everyday practice. And the results were outstanding.  We feel sleep apnea is so often misdiagnosed, it’s very important for us to gain that knowledge and to offer that to our friends, family and our patients. I felt that the curriculum offered by OSA University was very manageable as far as the time and effort that it took to complete each one of their courses. The follow-up exams were very informative and a great time for us to reflect. 

Dr. Christopher Louie

Hi! We just got done with the OSA University curriculum kick off. I’m excited because OSA University helped me give our staff my vision as far as what we wanted to do with treating patients diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea with oral appliances. Whenever we go to seminars and I’m excited, it’s really hard to translate to the staff. With the OSA University online courses, they are all on board, they had a lot of good feedback and I think it was invaluable for all of us. I look forward to working with OSA University in the future and making lots of sleep appliances.

Dr. Tracy Petry

Hi my name is Dr. Tracy Petry with Texan Dental, Houston, TX. We completed the OSA University online classes.  I was very proud of my team for the effort they put in and the results they achieved. I highly recommend OSA University.  Also, we completed our in-office OSA University training. It was phenomenal. Several of us went to a sleep lecture in Dallas and it really inspired us to get more involved with sleep medicine and I wanted to bring the team onboard and I felt this was the best way. To have both the online courses and a person come in and sit down and talk with them so we can all have a unified message.

Dr. Howard Hindin

Hi, I’m Dr. Howie Hindin. I’m with a dental practice outside of New York City. We just completed our full day Dental Sleep Medicine training with OSA University. It was a wonderful experience. We had all our team members here – front desk, dental hygienist, and clinical assistants. As a result we’re all on the same page with what we know and how we can communicate with patients from answering the phone calls, the initial visit, to making the appointment and the treatment and follow through. We expect this to make a big difference in our practice going forward. 

Dr. Michael Gelb

Hi, I’m Michael Gelb and we just spent the day with OSA University and their Dental Sleep training program. I got to tell you, going around the room, I have been doing sleep for about 23 years, it was the first time I really heard from my staff how much they enjoy working together in the office and how much they enjoy working with sleep. We really enjoyed the online courses, especially Sleep Health 101 and the staff education. It was all a team building exercise that created cohesiveness and helped bring our team together to learn more about dental sleep medicine. 

Dr. Jasmeet Kalsi

I’m Dr. Jasmeet Kalsi and we just had our in-office Dental Sleep Medicine Team training with OSA University and it was amazing. The training involved all our staff and included everything from Sleep Health 101 to Case Presentation to Patient Engagement & Communication and to how to talk with patients about their sleep health on the phone. I was so happy I got to meet with them. They taught us so much about sleep and how to interact with patients. I was impressed by the thoroughness.   Everyone should try it. 

Dr. John Millette

After attending the first course and working with OSA University, we have a very good strategy to implement oral airway health into our overall oral health program. I think that oral health is going to help to further establish us within our community as health care providers, not just as people who fill teeth and clean teeth. Our goal has always been holistically to involve ourselves in our patients overall health. OSA University has trained my whole team to provide a consistent message. I found their courses to be extremely motivating, full of knowledge, full of information I hadn’t known. 

Lisa Johnson

Moving into this our team was like Obstructive what?! They really came knowing nothing and we presented them with OSA University.  We have had 24 staff that have successfully gone through the courses and graduated. They are educated, they’re interested and they are gaining a passion for it because of the deeper dive into dental sleep medicine.  The more you learn, the more exciting it is and you want to help other people and your patients because it is so important. OSA University did a very thorough job of training. It was the best way to learn for a large amount of people.  And they did not have to travel.

Dr. Valerie Hubbell

Hi my name is Valerie Hubbell. I’m a general dentist in Grapevine, Texas.  We just completed our eight hour OSA University Dental Sleep Medicine Team Training course. I cannot express how pleased we have been. My staff enjoyed the entire course.  And they have the opportunity to review all the information presented in the online courses for at least a year.  They are now very excited and confident about discussing sleep health with our patients and we look forward to working with OSA University going into the future, thank you. 

Dr. John Lohner

Hi I’m Dr. Lohner and I just wanted to give a shout out for OSA University. I have been trying to implement sleep medicine and sleep dentistry here into my office for quite some time. OSA University has the educational system in place to actually educate my team and to get them excited and to give us all the things that we need to be successful in treating patients with obstructive sleep apnea. I’m excited to work with them, we had a great experience and we look forward to treating many patients and to helping many people because of OSA University. Go OSA U! 

Dr. Kenneth Patterson

We decided we wanted to help people with sleep apnea or sleep airway problems. I signed on with OSA University to right from the start get all my staff educated. The OSA University online process allowed our staff to train whenever we had downtime at the office. In 8 weeks we had everybody up on the same educational level as well as myself. We learned how to communicate properly with patients to show concern and that we truly want to help treat patients and offer a life saving treatment, rather than “We have this appliance for sale”. I feel really good about were we are thanks to OSA University.

Kerri Waymire

Hi my name is Kerri and I am an assistant to Dr. Patterson in Stoney Creak in Muncie, IN. I am very thankful that he has put us all through the training with OSA University. Really just to bring awareness to what dangers occur when someone has an obstructed airway, especially not just in adults but in children. I think going forward just learning and being able to teach our patients and give them the best possible care, we can hopefully show our patients that we are in this to be the best provider we can, not just for their mouth but their whole body.

Dr. JD Murray

I have now been affiliated with OSA University for approximately the past 6 months. We went through the in-house dental sleep team training. We learned the importance of what sleep apnea and breathing disorders can do to our patients. Our staff became deeply involved in learning and working together. I find that it is very important to have a great staff that is very knowledgable in order to take some of the weight off me in order to introduce this to our patients.  We are all working well together and have the same sleep health message for our patients. 

Dr. James Crouse

I’m Dr. James Crouse from Salsberry, Maryland, and I am an orthodontist. My whole staff and I have gone through the OSA University sleep medicine team training curriculum. First with the online classes and then we had a day of dental sleep medicine team training in our office.  Every thing was awesome and it has tied everything together for us. We have been able to go back and review the courses to add greater depth to our knowledge. We feel very confident now that we are providing excellent care to our patients that are suffering from sleep breathing disorders. 

Katie Howard

My name is Katie Howard and I am General Manager for Advanced Family Dental and Orthodontics and Affiliates. I have been with the company for almost 16 years and I have seen Dr. David over the years educate patients on sleep health and the issues with obstructive sleep apnea. Today OSA University trained the staff and doctors on how to better communicate with and educate their patients on sleep health and how to get better sleep and lead a healthy life. I am grateful for them being here today and teaching us all how to have a uniform approach to our patients to provide better care.

Dr. Richard Freeman

I practice in Moore, OK and I’ve been a dentist since 2001. Got an opportunity to become involved with the sleep academy. We have been in-focus with total health of our patients and we noticed many patients with sleep health problems. This really prompted us to get deeply involved in helping improve patients sleep health.  With the help of OSA University we were able to gain information about dental sleep medicine implementation,  and the education and knowledge our team needed to be able to treat patients and make a better life for them.

Dr. Adrienne Amirata

OSA University helped us with dental sleep medicine implementation guidelines needed to treat patients in our practice who showed signs and symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea. OSA University was a tremendous help to our staff. They made learning fun and very educational. They helped us learn how to talk to patients about their sleep health and how to educate the patient to have their sleep health evaluated with sleep testing. The whole OSA University program helped our staff.  It was a lot of fun and very educational.

David Steffen

I’m David Steffen with Sand Creek Family Dentistry in Glendive, Montana. We highly recommend OSA University and its dental sleep medicine training program.  One of the reasons we introduced dental sleep medicine to our practice was because Dr. Coburn’s father had obstructive sleep apnea.  We were excited to start on the road with treating our patients for obstructive sleep apnea or to address obstructed sleep airways and to help people have a more healthy and better lifestyle.  OSA University and its team have been highly instrumental in our success. 

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